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Ulysses, The Musical

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

So far on this blog I have focused on reading Ulysses, listening to Ulysses audiobooks, attending monthly Bloomsday readings of Ulysses, books based on Joyce's work, abridged versions of the book and commenting about various Joycean references such as a restaurant I passed after leaving a Bloomsday Society reading where with the eatery had the image of two crossed keys as their logo.

There is simply no getting away from James Joyce at times so I have simply given up trying.

Last week, I tried to take a break from blogging about Joyce and went to the Canary Islands on holiday and was checked in by a receptionist called Nestor and then discovered that the hotel was vey near a Martello tower.

Needless to say, I took a few pictures by the tower and continued to chat online with Joycean fans and discovered Sarah Norcross Hough who is staging a musical version of Joyce's modernist masterpiece which she calls Ulysses Missa.


I think every Joycean fan will wish them well with the production and for anyone interested in helping to fund this fantastic production, you can select various options from a dollar up.

I believe it is entirely self-funded but has options such a Telemachus at a dollar right up to Ithaca at $500 and Penelope at $1,000. She might not get many people saying Yes to that kind of funding but Proteus for example is only 10 dollars and the Lotus Eaters $25.


Like meeting the concierge called Nestor, there is no escaping Joycean themed references in 2022 so why not support a New York playwright and make believe you are one of Joyce's many benefactors who helped him throughout his career?

Ithaca and Penelope donors get a personalised song along with all the other perks of supporting the arts which you can check out on:

Sign me up for Lotus Eaters so I can receive a signed postcard from New York and a thank you in the program. You can read more about Ulysses Missa and Sarah's interest in Joyce here:

SAY YES: Sarah Norcross Hough with her copy of Ulysses.

Tickets available from:

Supported by

UNESCO City of Literature

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