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Ulysses & Cocktails

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

My love for Joyce has come about as a result of monthly readings of the Bloomsday Society in Madrid, and the drinks and discussion we have shared afterwards but have you thought about mixing Joyce over drinks? If not, why not?

Seriously, there is a group in Dublin who do more than just mix Joyce and drinks, they create cocktails inspired by Ulysses such as one called ´Martello Tower´ and another one called ´The Bad Ass Nymph.´

When they make tae, I'm sure they make tae but when they make cocktails, I'm sure it´s awesome and while I appreciate that this might not be everyone's cup of tea, it sure sounds like it could be a recipe for disaster, and one I would love to try sometime.

Fond of the drop, I am sure that James Joyce would appreciate having cocktails named after him and that Ulysses is inspiring people to mix bourbon and rum to have a little fun.

You will find James Joyce bars serving thirsty people everywhere and a Gin named after the writer but mixing Ulysses and Cocktails together, pure genius.

Ulysses & Cocktails

Ulysses and Cocktails is a podcast where two 'women about town,' S and K, discuss each chapter of the novel over a cocktail of their own design.

They try to demystify the daunting task that is reading Ulysses, and demonstrate to their listeners that the book is for everybody and that that you don't need a degree to read or enjoy it, and that it doesn't belong to a members-only club.

They wanted to create a space for two modern women to respond to Ulysses: the audience of today reading and reacting to a book that's over 100 years old. In a way the podcast is like a read-along, where they are on their own journey through the book and come to each chapter fresh.

I love the idea of doing this and want to join them on this fascinating journey and personally feel a little out my depth when diving into the Forty Foot and talking about Joyce when I am such a novice.

I'm not sure how many times I have covered the first chapter Telemachus but think I would enjoy it more with one of their delicious ´Martello Towers´ in my hand.

They share my believe that Ulysses can be enjoyed by all, whether through online discussion, in a foreign language or simply by encouraging others to pick up the book for themselves, and I have really enjoyed the international interaction I have had with people on Instagram.

Their cocktail of the week is based on a theme or component of each chapter that catches their eye. For example, Chapter One: Telemachus was enjoyed with a 'Martello Tower,' while Chapter Four: Calypso was appreciated with a drink called "The Bad Ass Nymph."

This makes the whole experience a lot more fun, and helps with the more morally ambiguous bits of the book - and, at times, with Joyce himself.

As they broaden their minds to Joyce, The Odyssey, history, modernism, and Dublin itself, they are also picking up another set of skills as they learn how to record and edit audio, and manage their social media.

Pictures taken from their Instagram account Ulyssesshots

They committed to the project over a couple of delicious Cherry Manhattans in a Dublin bar, back when you could do that kind of thing in 2019 and started recording content about a year ago.

They started to publish content in May 2021 and Last week, they hit 100 downloads and I think we can all raise a glass and celebrate this milestone as we prepare to celebrate 100 years of Ulysses on Groundhog Day.

Join them for a chapter or two and a drink or three on Buzzsprout,

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