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"A NEW DAY WILL BE" if we make changes today

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

“I am tomorrow, or some future day, what I establish today.

I am today what I established yesterday or some previous day.”


Without trying to get too political here, I have found myself twice this week, attacking Boris Johnson's ambitious environmental pledges when people told me that they took him at his word when he stood next to Sir David Attenborough and promised to do more to combat Climate Change.

Immediately his words were hailed as an example of him showing leadership on the world stage but I always felt that he was just making promises to save his own skin.

Sir David Attenborough should know enough about dealing with apes without sitting next to them for a press conference and the Prime Minister has been hilariously mocked online with a viral video of the PM being narrated by one of Attenborough´s old narrations.

While Johnson´s promises were lauded around the world, I would wonder if he would have lasted the weekend had he not promised something big but here is the thing, can the man unable to get basic things done, "Get Brexit done?"

Can he get anything done and will he be the Prime Minister that puts in the hard work to resolve decades of procrastination and shortsightedness? Spoiler, he won't be and he won't even be in office by the time people start to question his intentions and how realistic his plans and preparation were.

I have set the target of reading Ulysses by Groundhog Day 2022 but you have to ask how realistic that is considering the task ahead of me and the 600 pages left to read.

Can I read six pages a day until February 2nd when we celebrate the centenary of Ulysses?

The world probably doesn't care too much about my readings habits but we are what we habitually do and there is quote often credited to Aristotle that says, "We are what re repeatedly do, therefor excellence then is not an act but a habit."

When we look at Johnson´s government's ham fisted approach to food, business and supply chains, we see a worrying trend that might just be repeated with the environment as concerns are beginning to surface about water quality and pollution as the UK does not seem to have the necessary chemicals to treat water.

The same man who suggested "Herd immunity" as a response to the global pandemic should not be responsible for that herd´s water supply and I think it is unheard of for people to reduce their environmental standards to such dangerous levels.

Water quality issues, I believe was at the heart of the reason why Britain can't export some seafood postBrexit that had been processed in other countries in the past.

Lives and livelyhoods are at risk if water pollution isn't taken seriously but there is a light at the end of the Chunnel as Boris Johnson might damage their economy so much that this helps the environment, much like Coronavirus improved air quality in cities around the world.


In the shifting sands of EU relations where a big red bus promised the NHS 350 million extra pounds a week but now there is a shortage of fuel and drivers and people can't easily take buses anymore, people may be forced to walk around those parked cars at the petrol pumps and forget about consumerism as the shelves become barer and barer for people to bear who neither buy things they can no longer afford nor have a job that makes anything to be sold. Supply chains have been devastated globally between Coronavirus and ships blocked in the Seuz Canal but Brexit is destined to delay supply chains post pandemic as we haven't seen any checks taking place on EU goods.

Not only has the UK been the only country unprepared for Brexit talks, EU countries have had to translate this nonsense into 25 different languages to understand what they are talking about. Brexiteers wanted to fix Big Ben to celebrate their sovereignty but failed to do even that, and it won't be easy to reset the clock on Brexit.

Time is ticking and soon Scotland will host the COP26 Climate Change conference but seems completely behind on everything as sponsors complain about inexperienced civil servants overpromising and delivering little in return.

Will Boris have his book report read by 2030?

The COP26 is a year behind because of Covid 19 yet Spain had hosted the COP25 at very short notice when Chile had to cancel the event because of civil unrest.

Walking the walk is much harder than talking the talk and I believe such events are a waste of time as I don't believe world leaders are either serious or credible when talking about Climate Change.

Johnson talked the talk but it will probably be the sound of Sir David Attenborough we hear when this baffoon tries to walk the walk.

Boris Johnson might just save the environment but I don't believe it will be by choice. Yes the UK might stop adding chemicals to their water supply, they might stop fishing as well, and they might cancel buses and bin collections but it should be a planned approach, phasing out and replacing things with better alternatives rather than a look and see 28 Days Later approach that we see as farmers who voted for Brexit reap their rewards.

Let's look at Joyce's quote again and apply it to politics and Climate Change:

“I am tomorrow, or some future day, what I establish today.

I am today what I established yesterday or some previous day.”


As I always say, if it's not broke, Brexit and when we look at the way Boris Johnson and his cronies have handled even the simplest things over the last two years, I am surprised that anyone trusted him to decorate Number 10.

Seriously, putting wall paper up in Ten Downing Street shouldn't involve questions about unethical financing and I wonder how badly decorated the PM's place was by his predecssors that he needed to renovate at such a cost when the pandemic, new puppy, and Brexit crisis felt in every industry, should have provided him with enough to worry about without needing to decorate Number Ten like an ID10T.

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