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When She Said Yes

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

A New Day Will Be

I discovered a bittersweet story when looking for images of Bill Murray reading, I found a story about that final scene in Groundhog Day when we see Andie MacDowell in bed with Bill Murray and she falls alseep in his arms while he reads to her. Such a sweet image, at the end of a very very long day.

Bill Murray was sadly going through a divorce, I believe at the time and there are many stories of the fractured relationship with the director, and of Mr Murray being difficult to work with at times as the film was not always going the way he wanted it to.

Murray's relationship with the director had been a long fruitful one with a few acting roles together such as in Stribes and Ghostbusters but when it came to the final scene and the crew had to vote on whether Murray would be topless in the scene which would have implied a more sexual than romantic encouter than the eventual scene we saw in the end.

Bill Murray had suggested the idea of her falling alseep in his arms while reading to her which I think is absolutely genious but was actually based on his own wedding night when his wife was tired and a little drunk after drinking champayne and I am sure for James Joyce who based the date that Ulysses takes place on, we see his own relationship inspiring him when he chose the date of his very first date with his future wife.

I think Bill Murray blew some life and soul into Phil Connor's character by creating this wonderfully intimate bedtime reading moment, with the woman he loves, which must have been a painful poignant moment for the actor.

There are a little over 100 days to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Ulysses so find someone special to snuggle up with and take a copy of Joyce's epic masterpiece to bed.

Maybe you too will wake up, to a bright new day, full of possibilities.

Good night and hopefully a new day will be when you wake up at 6am tomorrow.

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