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It's Only Rocking Roll But I Like It

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

I never imagined hearing the Rolling Stones perform live even though The Simpsons predicted that they would be touring for decades but last night, I saw them, I heard them and it was incredible to see such an iconic group performing in a stadium of thousands of people after a few years of social distancing.


A friend described seeing the Stones as being one of the things on his bucket list and I asked him if he knew where the term bucket list came from. I explained that it comes from the description, "To kick the bucket" and then googled where the description of dying by kicking the bucket came from and I was surprised to see the horrible suggestion that it was a reference to suicide where people would stand on a bucket with a noose and, either kick the bucket away or hit the bucket when they stepped off the bucket. Yikes.

I'm not trying to be Your Beast of Burden or looking to paint things very black for you but at least I have kicked one more thing off my bucket list.

On Groundhog Day, I finally finished Ulysses and while it was a challenge, it was one that I managed to complete in time for the centenary celebrations.

Another milestone and Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones turned 75 yesterday with a stadium of well wishers to sing him a very happy birthday. The Stones have been playing for some sixty years and the question is will we see, a Seventy Licks tour in ten years time or Ninety Licks in a few decades? I remember buying their album Forty Licks but I never imagined hearing the Windows 95 theme song, Start Me Up being performed live or Symphony for the Devil or Paint It Black.

The Windows 95 promo song was released the year I was born but back in 1995 The Simpsons predicted Lisa's Wedding in the distant future with a poster on her bed of The Rolling Stones Steel Wheelchair Tour 2016.

Last night I couldn't see any wheelchairs on stage, just The Moves Like Jagger but their 2017 tour was postponed because of the pandemic and not even The Simpsons predicted that.

It was an incredible experience, and now I have to see what will give me some satisfaction when I start a bucket list of things to do before I die.

Mmmmmm, sounds morbid but how about Finnegan's Wake?

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