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Last year, all I did was grow a mustache for Movember and post pictures on Instagram.

It was very easy to do as I had online classes and didn't have to go anywhere without a mask and the only people who had to see it were the people in my bubble.

After November, I kept my mustache when I returned to Ireland and used it as a mask reminder as everyone was horrified when they saw the rat rested on my upper lip.

This year, I wonder if I can do more and encourage others to "Grow a mo and save a bro," like the saying goes but almost half way through the month, how easy is that going to be?

Granted, it is a challenge but I am confident that I can get some moustaches on faces by the end of the month but what about The Groundhog Challenge, am I even half way through Ulysses?

A third of the way through it, I have yet to break the back of the book but hopefully I can get halfway through it by the end of Movember.

By the end of this challenge, I hope my book looks like this beautiful beloved example of Ulysses by Kate Marriage of the Bloomsday Society in Madrid.

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