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How do you say "Mkgnao" in Greek?

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

In a packed intimate environment, people gathered in a beautiful bookshop called Desperate Literature in the centre of Madrid to read from Joyce and Ulysses on Bloomsday 2017 where participants read passages in different languages from James Joyce.

A selection of books by Joyce in Desperate Literature

I read a piece in English and took some videos of some of the readings but the one that stood out the most was this beautiful reading in Greek by Natalia Botonaki.

Desperate Literature is a great spot specialising in rare books and first editions which I have been looking forward to revisiting for months now.

I really appreciated getting to hear someone reading in Greek and the crowd lapped up the reading as if they were cats.

I am not sure how you say "Mkgnao" in Greek or Cat but with online translators and new apps, I wonder how long it will be before I can understand what the "pussens" is saying.

Seriously, when I came home today, my girlfriend was feeding our cat's meows into a translator app to see what little Mimi cat was saying to us and I will post his apparent speech in a future post and you might actually think that I have written a poor poem when you see what the pussens apparently said.

Mimi got his name when he was a kitten barely able to say meow, the mi in Mimi represent the me in meow as he could only say "mi" as a little kitten. Now he is all grown up and has a lot to say, especially around his dinner time.

In the words of Joyce in the chapter Calypso,

"They call them stupid. They understand what we say better than we understand them."

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UNESCO City of Literature

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