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Finishing Ulysses, Simpson's Style

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

I set this challenge as Groundhog Day Challenge because I intended to read the book by the centenary celebration on Groundhog Day.

Little did I realise that constantly blogging about the book and rereading passages that I had already read has meant that after almost 100 days, I still have a full 100 pages to go.

Close but no cigar, I am happy with what I learnt along the way but then yesterday I developed a sore throat and headache and couldn't go to work.

I honestly feel like a kid who hasn't finish their book report and am reminded of The Simpson's episode where Bart Simpson prayed for a miracle so that he could pass his fourth consecutive history test and not have to repeat the fourth grade.

The episode entitled ´Bart Gets an F´ aired on Fox in America on October 11th 1990 and was the first episode of season two and had a chalkboard gag saying, "I will not encourage others to fly."

I am still encouraging others to pick up Ulysses in the centenary year and am delighted to welcome Sheila from Florida onboard whose father is from Tullamore.

Here I am, at home, with 100 pages to go, can I do it in time for Groundhog Day?

The Groundhog Day Challenge is kindly supported by UNESCO City of Literature

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