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49 Days Left

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Already more than half way through this 100 day celebration and I am just shy of the half way mark in reading Ulysses by the centenary celebration on Groundhog Day.

Some simple maths here and there are several weeks left to read the remaining 350 pages left in my book which is only 50 pages a week which should sound quite manageable at only seven pages a day but Ulysses is a challenging read and if there wasn't holidays around the corner and time to put into The Groundhog Day Challenge then I would be already conceding defeat as the last 50 pages have proven to be a very slow slog to get through.

Regardless of distractions and blogging and correcting the occasional exam, I am still content with the fact that I have made it half way through the book as planned and the pessimist and optimist in me can share a glass of champagne as I celebrate this half-way mark.

If you want to try finish Ulysses by the centenary celebration then pick up your copy quick and start at Joyce's Martello tower or download an audiobook and give yourself 30 hours to listen to it.

Several weeks to read some seven hundred pages sounds easy but Ulysses can be a challenging read and Joyce even claimed that he would keep professors busy for centuries arguing over what he meant.

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