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147 Days Left to Read Ulysses

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

I decided I was going to read Ulysses by the time of the centenary celebrations and quickly checked how long was left to Groundhog Day. There were 147 days left when I checked and I decided that a good challenge would be 100 days before the 100 year anniversary, and The Groundhog Day Challenge was born.

Ulysses was published on Groundhog Day 1922 which just so happened to be Joyce's 40th birthday and even though there is no connection to the 1993 classic comedy starring Bill Murray and Andy MacDowell, I think it is fair to link Joyce to the film and festival as Joyce was born before the Groundhog Day celebration was created.

While there is no connection to the film, I can't help but imagine that Bill Murray's character wouldn't have read Ulysses while repeating the same day over and over again, or that Joyce relived June 16th over and over again, when he wrote this epic masterpiece that takes place over 24 hours and was based on his first date with his future wife Nora Barnacle.

As I write this, I now have 147 pages read and feel I have a good head start in encouraging others like myself to pick up the book and try to finish it before the 100 year anniversary.

I wish you well in this challenge


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